Who we are

Language Technology is our Passion.


Tech2biz is a Language Technology Consultancy founded in 2006.

The founder of tech2biz, Dr. Christian Dugast, is an internationally well-known expert on Language technologies. He holds a PHD for a prize-winning thesis in Automatic Speech Recognition and spent ten years as an international scientist on speech recognition at Philips. Christian was one of the first scientists to introduce a hybrid speech recognition system (combining Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models) which improved state-of-the-art results by 15%. He was also honored to give the World’s first public presentation of a commercial dictation system that supported natural and fluent speech input (EuroSpeech ’93, Berlin). Christian built from scratch two successful Language Technology start-ups (Nuance Communication and VoiceObjects AG), developing eco-systems of partners and evangelizing the market.

Situated in Bonn, Germany, Tech2biz ist backed up by a best of breed network of Language Technology experts, specialists and partners all around the world.

Our customers include the European Union, universities and public sector entities as well as Telcos, retailers and other private sector companies.

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Email us at info@tech2biz.eu