Grow your LT Business

How much time will your competitor give you?

In most cases you will have to hurry up to define the best business strategy.

Grow your Language Technology Business

You will have to quickly find the answers to the questions that determine whether your Language Technology business will succeed:

  • How can I make the value of my Language Technology Solution understandable to my customers?
  • How much do I need to adapt my offering to the market?
  • How can I differentiate from my competitors?
  • Do I fit the business processes of my market?
  • Do I need partners? What kind of partners? How can I motivate partners to effectively sell my offering?
  • My technology scales … does it mean my business also scales?
  • What do I need to grow or even to scale my business?

How tech2biz will help grow your LT Business the fast and easy way:

  • Analyse the market-demand towards solution-scenarios based on your technology
  • Generate a clear value proposition of your company sorted by market-segments potential and related to the top 3 technological components of your solution
  • Develop new means to position and value your company within your ecosystem, including the best partner strategy, based on the growth-type your business is looking at
  • Define and implement your partner strategy within your business ecosystem
  • Identify the top parameters that allow for repeatability and adaptability of your solution in order for your business to scale.


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